Youth and Adult Workforce Impact:

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Smart Buses

By adding wireless access points to buses with our partnered schools, we are able to provide students in areas without internet access a way to get connected. By placing these access points in our buses we create a mobile WiFi hotspot that can travel to meet the demands of our communities. Watch the video below to learn more about this project.

Career Coaching

Youth and adults who live in Adams, Brown, Highland, Pike or Scioto have the opportunity to discover their strengths through career coaching. Career coaching helps an individual interpret their Future Plans assessment, conduct personal reflection and to then develop a career plan. Whether you’re looking to immediately get to work or willing to embark on workforce training as a first step, virtual career coaching is available for you


GRIT is committed to expanding the job opportunities for residents to include remote work. These jobs are with employers either local, in Ohio or nationally who seek employees to perform meaningful full-time work from home. Entry-level positions that require a high school diploma or a GED are available and start at $14/hour plus benefits. Positions with more experience also available.

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Coach Training

Want to get involved with our initiative to teach and grow our community? Volunteer coaches are needed to work with students and adults. Training is available through .

Learn more about becoming a coach.

Teacher Professional Development

In early 2020, many teachers gained professional development credit by attending a coaching and workforce development session. With just 2 more hours of online training, you can become a certified career coach.

Youth Work Experience

(ages 14 – 24)

Building pathways to employment for youth and young adults is a priority of GRIT. Through a paid Work Experience, people age 14 – 24 gain practical work skills and in many cases industry certifications. The work experience program provides the building blocks for economic success in careers such as healthcare, technology, marketing, communications, operations, sales, construction trades and more.