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Position: Career Mentor


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Position: Career Mentor (Full Time with Benefits)

Future Plans is a data-driven service with a hands-on approach that supports career development. Using
technology, we empower individuals to make informed decisions about their future careers. We have
three interchangeable phases of assessment, coaching and courses. Our entire program is designed to
assist individuals, at any stage, in becoming career-ready through knowledge of their unique career
options and pathways.


The Future Plans Career Mentor is a self-motivated person who is a critical thinker, empathetic, and
committed to supporting individuals from all backgrounds as they seek the self-knowledge that will
inform their educational and career choices. Career Mentors have the ability to build trusting
relationships by providing the right balance of challenge and support to enable participants to explore
their interests, aptitudes, and values in a way that is personally empowering.

To be successful as a Career Mentor, you should be knowledgeable of different career paths and
committed to helping clients achieve their employment-related objectives. Ultimately, an outstanding
Career Mentor should be able to build rapport with clients and demonstrate excellent organizational,
analytical, and problem-solving skills.

The Career Mentor will work closely with clients to identify and match participants with opportunities
that result in milestone achievements and measurable outcomes for their long-term success. The
successful candidate will assist clients in finding suitable job openings and career advancement
opportunities. The Career Mentor’s responsibilities include helping clients to prepare for job interviews;
recommending effective job search techniques; working with clients to enhance their job skills; providing
individual and group training preparation for employment; and identifying and connecting clients with
education, skills training, employment and work-based training and placement opportunities. The Career
Mentor should also be able to address any concerns employers may have regarding the hiring of clients
with disabilities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Career coach adults who have completed the Future Plans career assessment.
  • Assist clients in planning strategic career moves and developing career readiness and soft skills.
  • Provide professional skill development such as resume/ cover letter/ references, interview
  • preparation, professionalism, networking, and career counseling and exploration services when
  • required as a part of the assigned client training.
  • Organize and maintain written documentation for participants and reporting including client
  • attendance, session notes and other program paperwork.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of client or collateral interaction within defined standards.
  • Facilitate workshops and seminars to assist individuals in developing the skills necessary to
  • search for and obtain employment opportunities.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.


● Ability to connect and engage with individuals from varied backgrounds
● Active listener
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills
● Social perceptiveness
● Goal-setting oriented
● Critical thinker
● Inspirational
● Willingness to share insights and your own life experiences
● Patient
● Able to give feedback in a constructive manner
● Ability to empower others in completing action steps to reach their goals

Required Experience:

● Good understanding of web-based technology
● Experience with career coaching and/or knowledge of vocational and career trends
● Formal or informal experience advising and/or managing individual development plans
● Public speaking and community engagement (is a plus)
● Maintains and models standards of professionalism

Preferred Experience:

● Professional experience in coaching, counseling and/or advising
● Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
● Working knowledge of personality and vocational assessments (MBTI and Holland Code)
● Strong background in adult learning and workforce development
● Formal coaching and/or leadership skills training

Education and Training Requirements:

● Bachelor’s Degree or High School Diploma with 3-5 years of relevant work experience

You will be required to:

● Interview with a member of the implementation team
● Complete the assessment
● Complete and pass a coaching training and certification program
● Attend regularly scheduled professional development training and coach/mentor meetings

Other Requirements:

● All employees are required to pass a background check.
● Have access to a reliable internet connection that allows for video meetings such as Zoom
● Have a computer with video and microphone capability.
● Must have reliable transportation with the ability to travel and conduct in-person
training/services as needed.


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