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GRIT Thursday Meeting Agendas Fall 2023 


August 2023

8/31/2023 Youth Admin Updates  
Impressions Matter!  How our impressions of others and making impressions ourselves shapes our career path.   
Get simple ideas on how to use GRIT resources to start your students exploring possible career opportunities. With ready-made activities, we will demonstrate some of the tools available to get students looking around and inside themselves.  Who do they know?  Who do they see?  How do their impressions of others affect their career exploration?  How do the impressions they make on others affect their careers?    
Alternative Pathways to Graduation – Reflect, Plan, and Transition 
Reflect on the past year’s experience with alternative pathways and examine the outcomes. Identify critical success factors that distinguish short-term fixes from comprehensive, sustainable solutions. Discuss strategies to transition from short-term safety nets to pathways that connect students to in-demand jobs and livable wages aligned with their aspirations.  
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September 2023

9/7/2023 Youth & Adult Updates Ohio Budget Update  – Workforce & Career Training funds in new budget
News-style County Updates 

What is a grassroots coalition? Why do we need one?   
Building “hope” in our communities 
How to work with people feeling hopeless and guide them to a place of hope    
Adult success story and/or breakout discussion  
9/21/2023  No Zoom Meeting  
But What Can I Do? And How Can I Do it? Identifying strengths and taking small steps to utilize them.  
Educators will learn to utilize the next two sections of the Future Plans Career Exploration Course. Learn detailed information on how to utilize the Abilities Profiler and connect results to real career options. Help students begin to plan for and understand what it will take to pursue a career a field that works to their strengths.  
Youth success story and/or breakout discussion  
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October 2023

10/5/2023 Youth & Adult Updates TOPIC – DEVELOPMENT TIME 
Mutual accountability 
– Applied to clients/students/participants, colleague, partners. 
– Understanding the accountability ladder and whether you are playing above or below the line 
– Mutual Accountability Process   
News-style County Updates   
10/12/2023 Adult TOPIC – DEVELOPMENT TIME  
Professional development – Introduction to relationship management. Examining motivational interviewing and human centered coaching. – Felicia Johnson – Future Plans  
Adult success story and/or breakout discussion  
10/19/2023  No Zoom Meeting  
10/26/2023 Youth TOPIC – DEVELOPMENT TIME 
What I Do Matters, But What Matters to Me? Our Choices Determine our Destiny.  
Educators will learn to utilize weeks 5 and 6 of the Future Plans Career Exploration Course and get tips on how to connect the Work Values assessment and the career matching software in the Future Plans platform. Learn how to utilize the resources provided to help students identify the habits that will help and hurt their success and how their work values and how they lead to job satisfaction.  
Youth success story and/or breakout discussion 
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November 2023

11/2/2023 Youth & Adult Updates TOPIC – DEVELOPMENT TIME 
Embracing Openness – Nov 
– Value of a spirit of openness 
– Ask thoughtful questions that lead to civil discourse. 
– Create alignment and appreciation with others.  
News-style County Updates   
11/9/2023 Adult TOPIC – DEVELOPMENT TIME  
“How to get a job. How to keep a job.” – Brandi Hawthorne /.Jeanette Langford 
Adult success story and/or breakout discussion  
11/16/2023  No Zoom Meeting  
11/30/2023 Youth TOPIC – DEVELOPMENT TIME 
It’s So Stressful! Managing Emotions, Understanding our Values and Showing Up as Our Best Selves!  
Educators will be introduced to tools to help students to dive into the details of careers and tie their careers of interest back to their assessment results in weeks 7, 8 and 9. Gain insights on how to help students tie values to fulfillment and build tools to manage the stress of the job search and the adversity and expectations associated with on-the-job tasks and responsibilities.  
Youth success story and/or breakout discussion 
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December 2023

12/7/2023 Youth & Adult Updates TOPIC – DEVELOPMENT TIME 
Problem-Solving – Dec 
– Use a 4-step process to solve problems. 
– Recognize the relationship between problem-solving and leadership.  
News-style County Updates   
12/14/2023 Adult TOPIC – DEVELOPMENT TIME  
Professional development – Holland Codes & Career Connections – connecting the results to daily work activities for deeper meaning. Felicia Johnson – Future Plans 
Adult success story and/or breakout discussion  
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