Remote Hiring Process

Applying and interviewing for a GRIT remote work (work-from-home) position varies based on

the employer; however, there are some common steps that you can expect.

How it works

  1. Complete this form to start working with GRIT Job Opportunities.

For people living in Adams, Brown, Highland, Pike, Scioto and Lawrence, additional resources

exist through the Ohio Means Jobs Office. You will receive an email regarding next steps.

  1. Take a assessment

Employers partner with GRIT to find remote employees because the Future Plans assessment

provides insights into people’s strengths and how it aligns with specific job activities. The

assessment helps employers identify the right fit for the right person as it measures an

individual’s interests, aptitudes and work values.

  1. Review your assessment results with a career coach

An important step in the GRIT process is career coaching. Career coaching is often completed

by an Ohio Means Jobs associate. Through this personalized interaction, GRIT can identify the

best career opportunities for you.

  1. Apply for appropriate jobs

The toolset takes your strengths and maps your assessment results into real-

time job opportunities. Through this tool, you can identify current job opportunities that are

aligned with your strengths.

The goal of the GRIT project is to bring work to Appalachian Ohio counties so you can have a

meaningful career in your local community. Our team partners with employers to find

opportunities for you.

  1. Interview for jobs

Employers find tremendous benefits in working with people through the GRIT process as they

can identify the best candidates for their roles. Remember to check your email, voicemail and

text messages multiple times a day. An employer interviewing for remote worker typically uses

a variety of technology-based communication methods to interact with candidates. It is

important that you look for these messages so that you don’t miss an opportunity.

Interviewing for a remote job often involves a virtual video interview with one or many

individuals. Some employers also use a recorded video format where the interviewee submits

recorded answers to questions. The Ohio Means Jobs office has resources to help for you to

prepare for all interview scenarios.

The application process for a remote work opportunity varies based on the number of steps in

the recruiting process. The application to hire process can take as little as 2 weeks or as much

as 4 weeks. While this may feel like a long time, a full-time job with benefits and the ability for

upward promotion is worth the wait. We are here to support you along the way.

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