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May 2023 Update – Athens, Hocking, and Meigs Counties


Stats & Figures

“GRIT came to Logan High School last year for the first time. We took it on as a sample run. Through that we had 50 students that we did the assessment and coaching”

Kelly Helber, GRIT Liaison and retired teacher from Logan High School.

Assessments This School Year

Students take the Future Plans Career assessment which identifies their strengths, interests, personality, and work values, and then explore careers that are a fit for them. Each student meets one-on-one with a career coach to discuss their results and potential career paths, with the end goal of developing a career plan. Athens, Hocking, and Meigs Counties are new to the GRIT coverage area this year. Further participation is set to begin in the 2023-24 school year.

County Highlights


  • GRIT worked with the career coaches of each high school to promote summer certificate training that is available to their graduating seniors, and we are also looking at opportunities to further collaborate next school year.
  • GRIT and the STAR Community Justice Center of Nelsonville are working together to help clients receive trade skill certification before reentering into the community.
  • Trimble High School will be sending students to the Shawnee State this summer for the 3-week Bear Tracks program sponsored by GRIT.
  • GRIT is working with the town of Glouster on a shared office space downtown. This is being renovated and planning to accept remote workers by the end of next school year.


  • GRIT worked with Logan Hocking High School to finished assessing and coaching their pilot senior group of students and was able to help them create a career path before graduating.
  • GRIT will be working with the Logan Chamber to remodel their office building to house a shared office space, remote learning center, and a childcare space. This is expected to be completed by January 2024.


  • The town of Middleport, with the help of GRIT and other local organizations, hopes to open a shared office space late this summer. Local businesses and individuals will be able to work from this location and utilize the high speed internet.
  • GRIT worked with the career coaches of each high school to promote summer certificate training that is available to their graduating seniors, and are looking at ways to collaborate next school year.
  • All three county high schools (Meigs, Eastern, and Southern) came together to raise money for student health awareness and held an event to celebrate their accomplishments of meeting their goal of raising over $12,000 dollars and GRIT was happy to be a small part of that.

Student Opportunities

Now is the time to contact us to get your students assessed and to collaborate with GRIT to place your students into paid internships!  We can also share details of our summer programs, some that will earn college credit – all at no cost to the school or to the student!

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