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Start your career. Find a job.

Move up the pay scale.

Dare to Lead begins on June 17th.  If you have not received an informational email with the assignments and links to the workbook, please email Lisa Turkalj-Painter at

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GRIT Summer Youth Programs – 2024

Discover a career path that uses your strengths, offers you fulfillment, and moves you up the pay scale? Begin your journey with a FREE career assessment and 1 on 1 coaching session with a career specialist. Want to work in a new career field? We have short-term training programs that can get you started.

What is the GRIT Project

The GRIT Project is your community supporting YOU for a better tomorrow!

Schools, local businesses, the chamber of commerce, churches, libraries, nonprofits, and government agencies are working together to find the resources that you need to STAY HERE so that you can learn, work and live right here in your community.

Through GRIT, you can get the individualized help you need to understand your strengths and how it maps into the modern workforce.

The GRIT Project includes help for students and adults on the journey to uncovering financial independence through jobs. Each participant begins with a career assessment and then a 1 on 1 coaching session with a career specialist. Through these conversations a plan is developed to enroll in work skills training, if needed, and then to identify jobs, either in-person or work-from-home.