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Are you a graduating high school senior looking to gain some valuable skills that can lead to immediate employment? Are you hoping to go to college at some point but want to work first and save some money? The GRIT Project has a program for you!

The GRIT Summer Programs aim to empower upcoming and graduating high school seniors by offering workforce credential certifications and internship/job placement opportunities. Our goal is to provide students with short-term training and certified workforce credentials that align with sought-after industries, enabling them to be well-prepared for additional postsecondary education and training or a direct transition into the workforce.

To be considered, review the available program options and click the “Get Started Now!” button to complete the application form. You will be contacted to schedule a virtual meeting to review your interest and desired program.

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Important Dates:

  • Registration Deadline: May 3rd
  • Program Acceptance Notification:  Week of May 6th
  • Program Dates Vary (see individual program description)

Training Providers & Programs 

Ashtabula County Technical & Career Campus

(commuter program)

State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA)
June 3- June 18 (8am-4pm) or June 24 – July 11 (8am-4pm

Ashtabula County Technical and Career Campus, in collaboration with Growing Rural Independence Together (GRIT) grant, will be offering the ability to gain a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) licensure through Ashtabula County Technical and Career Campus. This twelve-point course will offer the necessary skills and knowledge that is needed in order to earn your STNA license. A-Tech has had a 90% success rate for students who have been enrolled in the STNA program. This course will take place at A-Tech and will be taught in a classroom, as well as a hands-on approach, by an A-Tech instructor!  

An STNA License gives individuals the ability to help others with daily living and basic tasks. STNA’s will be able to administer medication to patients, track patient vital signs, help patients with nutritional needs and much more. STNA’s have the opportunity to work in health care clinics, long-term care facilities, hospice facilities and in rehabilitation facilities. STNA’s work under a registered nurse, doctor, or other medical staff. 

RISE Up Customer Service Certification 
June 17 – July 8  or July 8- August 5 (offered twice)  9am-3pm

RISE Up is a training program offering recognized credentials through the foundational employability skills necessary to help people gain jobs, as well as promotions, in the retail workforce. These training programs are industry recognized approaches designed to help those in the retail industry further their careers. The Ashtabula County GRIT Program will be offering a joint certification course that will be offering two, six-point credentials.  

The first six-point course will be a Retail Industry Fundamentals (RIF) certification. For the RIF, learners will dive into the retail world. It will provide those with the insights into retail operation, product life cycles and supply chains. It will teach individuals basic customer service and sales skills. Individuals will practice necessary job readiness skills needed to perform at the highest standards. This is a six-point credential that will not only prepare you for entering into the workforce but will contribute to your required graduation credentials for your secondary education.  

Secondly is the Customer Service and Sales Certified Specialist Certificate. This six-point credential offers the ability to gain insight into the value that goes into the quality of customer service. It helps improve your knowledge when it comes to the needs of different customers. Individuals will learn how to design a sales plan and apply strategies that will be beneficial when it comes to upselling your sales. Those who take this course will gain advanced retail skills that will benefit them if they are interested in being a part of the retail industry.  

When individuals combine these two courses, they will gain the necessary twelve-point credentials that are needed in order to graduate from their secondary education. They will also gain skills that will help them further their careers and place them above other candidates that are applying for the same or similar position.  

Manufacturing Associate Certification
June 17- July 26  

The Manufacturing Academy will be offering three different certifications that will total twelve-point credentials that are necessary for graduation. This academy will be offered through Ashtabula County Technical and Career Campus and will provide necessary skills for those who are interested in becoming a part of the manufacturing workforce. 

The first certificate that will be offered is the Manufacturing Associate Certification, this will be a course where manufacturing concepts including shop math, assembly, maintenance and inspection. This certification will be working hand in hand with different manufacturing companies within the community. Due to the close proximity of the courses with local manufacturing companies, this certificate will lead to the opportunity to gain jobs within the community.  

Next will be the Six Sigma Green Belt certificate. This certification will offer in depth knowledge and understanding into creating, identifying, and/or improving processes. With the Six Sigma Green Belt certification, the ability to thrive is vast. Depending on career goals, there is an opportunity to get into a variety of different working environments.  

Lastly is the Certified Production Technician (CPT) Certification. This three-point certification will help recognize individuals who demonstrate mastery of the foundational, core competencies of advanced manufacturing production at the entry level to the front-line supervisor through successful completion of the certification assessments. 

Google IT Support
July 8- Aug 12 (4:30- 8:30pm) 

The IT Specialist and Support Academy will give those interested in computer work the necessary beginning fundamental skills to excel in the world of the internet and computers. Firstly, students will have the opportunity to learn the world of Google IT Support. Through this course, individuals will learn the fundamentals of troubleshooting, customer care, networking, operating systems, system administration, and cyber security. This course will lead to a variety of in-demand employment opportunities or the ability to further your online education. 

Along with the Google IT Support, Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word courses will also be offered to advance your knowledge into the world of computers. This will offer an insight into Excel, Outlook and Word processes and grant the necessary skills to proficiently operate these systems. Through the Google IT Support Certificate, combined with the three Microsoft certifications, individuals will have 12 points of credentials.  

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification (ESB) 
June 10 – July 22 (Monday-Thursday @ 9:30 am)

The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Academy will combine not only a three-point Entrepreneurship and Small Business certificate, but it will also go hand in hand with the Microsoft Office Specialists courses, certifying individuals in Excel, Outlook and Word. Combining the Entrepreneurship and Small Business certificate, along with the different Microsoft Office courses, will grant individuals twelve points and the needed skills to succeed as a small business and entrepreneur. This program is a great program for those who are approaching graduation and are still unsure on what they would like to do afterwards. 

This certificate would be great for those that are interested in being involved in the business field workforce. This program will provide the key conceptual knowledge of entrepreneurial and small business principles. This certificate will help those who are interested in being involved in any small business because it will provide them with additional training if and when they are to enter the world of small business.  

Child Development Associate Credential (CDAC)
June 24 – August 2

The Child Development Associate Credential is the most widely recognized childcare credential in early childhood education in the United States. This is a twelve-point certification that is a key stepping stone into the world of early childhood education. When obtaining the CDAC, individuals will be able to advance their careers in the field of child development. Gaining this credential will not only bring an individual confidence when it comes to their work, but it will also bring the parents peace of mind because they will know that their child is with an individual who has training associated with child development. 

Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center

(commuter program)

Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) – (accepting adults)
July 1-25 (Monday thru Friday 9-2:30pm) (Orientation Fri., June 14 at 9AM)

This program provides students with academic and hands-on training which prepares them to perform basic patient care under the direction of nursing staff in a long-term care facility. The duties of a Nurse Aide include, but are not limited to, feeding, bathing, dressing, grooming, and transporting patients, and changing linens. After successful completion, students are eligible to take the state test for long-term care nursing assistants. The test consists of two parts, written and skills portions. Both must be passed for the student to become a State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) and be placed on the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry. This program is governed by the Ohio Department of Health. 

Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) – (accepting adults)
Dates & Times TBD

Hospitals, laboratories and other employers have an increasing demand for Phlebotomists. Most seek, and many require, a certification. With the phlebotomy certification (CPT), you will have the credentials you need to set yourself apart from other applicants as you embark on a rewarding healthcare career. Phlebotomy Technicians are critical team members at hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and blood donor centers. The course will prepare you to become a Phlebotomy Technician in a variety of healthcare settings with the knowledge to obtain blood samples and non-blood samples for laboratory testing. 

Scioto County Career Technical Center 

(commuter program)

Volunteer Fire/Fire 1 – (accepting adults)
June 20 to Oct. 19 (Th 6p-10p and Sat 9a-5p)

Every community needs firefighters – they’re the people willing to help their neighbors in their greatest times of need. But did you know that most firefighters in Ohio are volunteers? These volunteers serve in a variety of ways, from fighting fires and responding to medical emergencies to assisting during natural disasters and conducting fire prevention education. Volunteering with a fire or EMS department is an impactful and rewarding way to give back to the community and make a difference. However, the number of volunteer firefighters in Ohio is decreasing. Ohio’s fire service needs your help! The Firefighter I Certificate is designed for the entry level firefighter candidate seeking to gain the requisite firefighter certification required by many volunteer and part-paid fire departments in Ohio of entry level candidates. 

RISE Up Customer Service Certification 
June 10- July 9 (M-F, 5pm-10pm)

RISE Up is the NRF Foundation training and credentialing program that provides foundational employability skills to help people land jobs and get promoted in retail and beyond. This curriculum and exams are industry-recognized and were developed in collaboration with more than twenty retailers, including Walmart, Macy’s, The Home Depot, Burlington Stores, BJs Wholesale Club and Nordstrom. NRF partners with more than 3,000 training providers across the country. 

June 3-July 30 (M-F, 5pm-10pm)

Students will learn beginner level welding through the NCCER curriculum. The NCCER Welding Level 1 exam measures the following domains or competencies: safety, oxyfuel cutting, plasma arc cutting, air-carbon arc cutting and gouging, base metal preparation, weld quality, shielded metal arc welding, joint fit-up and alignment, and fillet and groove welds. 

Manufacturing: NCCER Core and OSHA 30 
June 3-July 9 (M-F, 5pm-10pm)

The NCCER Core Curriculum is a prerequisite to all other Level 1 craft curriculum. Modules covered are: Safety, Construction Math, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Drawings, Rigging, Communication Skills, Employability Skills, and Material Handling. The OSHA 30-Hour Construction course prepares workers, managers, and employers to recognize, avoid, abate, and prevent health and safety hazards commonly encountered on construction worksites. 

Basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 
June 3-28, 2024 

Positions for emergency medical technicians are available in private ambulance companies, hospitals, industry, fire departments, 911 dispatch offices, and the armed forces. Law enforcement agencies, park services, ski patrols, and other groups train their personnel to become EMT-Bs or paramedics as part of their duties. To earn certification, students must be 18 with a high school diploma or equivalent, hold a current valid driver’s license, complete medical record with recent TB, Tetanus, MMR, and Hepatitis B vaccines, sign a criminal history statement, pass a drug screen, and background check. Clinical experiences are included in this track. 

Behavioral Health Specialist/Chemical Dependency Counseling Assistant (CDCA) 
June 3-28, 2024 

Are you interested in credentialing as a Chemical Dependency Counseling Assistant, Qualified Behavioral Health Specialist, or Peer Recovery Supporter? The Behavioral Health Paraprofessional Training Program at Shawnee State University gives you the fastest entry into the behavioral health field. Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant (CDCA) perform treatment planning, assessment, crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, case management, and education services as they relate to abuse of or dependency on alcohol and other drugs; Refer individuals with nonchemical dependency conditions to appropriate sources of help. Peer Recovery Support Specialist (PRSS) strive to empower individuals to achieve their hopes, dreams, and goals, and connect them with their personal recovery journey. A Peer Support Specialist is a person who has walked the path of recovery from mental illness and is employed to assist others in their journeys of recovery. Qualified Behavioral Health Specialist (QBHS) means an individual who has received training for or education in either mental health or substance use disorder competencies. 

Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) 
June 10-28, 2024 

This in-depth course will train you to become a phlebotomist, a medical professional trained to draw blood through venipuncture for testing, research, donations, and more. Gainful employment in the field of allied healthcare is within arm’s reach. Hospitals, blood banks, and other medical facilities are continuously in need of experienced phlebotomists who carry proper training and certification. Clinical experiences are included in this track. 

Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics Certified Production Technician (CPT) 
June 10-28, 2024 

With modern technology, computers and continued progress, companies across industries and around the world use advanced manufacturing. You can apply your passion for technology, machinery, design, and products through several career options. This course will provide two certifications. Students will begin the Certified Production Technician 4.0 program and earn the Safety certification. Students will also earn Certified Logistics Associate. Supply chain logistics is the art and science of moving products and services from creation to consumption efficiently and effectively. It involves a network of transportation, warehousing, inventory, and information systems that coordinate the flow of goods and services across the supply chain. Supply chain logistics is essential for global trade, customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage in various industries and sectors. 

Technology- CompTia A+ 
June 10-28, 2024 

Comp TIA A+ is not just about PC repair. CompTIA A+ candidates are better prepared to troubleshoot, and problem solve a wider variety of issues, ranging from networking and operating systems to mobile devices and security. A desktop support specialist is an information technology (IT) professional who maintains computer hardware and software systems. They are responsible for installing new software, managing updates, and providing technical support. Desktop support specialists often deal with clients who are having trouble with their systems, which can frustrate customers. These specialists should have outstanding customer service skills, such as active listening and empathy that equip them to calm customers and provide a satisfactory resolution. 

Business – Social Media (SM) for Business and Microsoft Office 
June 10-28, 2024 

Prepare for a career in business by understanding ways the most popular SM platforms interact and engage with users, identifying techniques an organization can use to leverage social media presence to build meaningful relationships with key audiences, and evaluating the success or failure of SM presence based on basic measures of engagement. Students will also earn six hours of college credit by completing the Microsoft Office Certificate. 

Education – Child Development Associate Credential (CDAC) 
June 10-28, 2024 

This track will prepare students to earn the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, the most widely recognized credential in early care and education and the first and most important step you can take to advance your career. Students will complete First Aid, CPR, Child Abuse and Neglect Recognition and Prevention, Management of Communicable Disease, and all required trainings for employment in the child care industry. This track also includes an internship experience in a preschool setting. 

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