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February 2023 Update – Jackson, Pike, Ross, and Vinton


Stats & Figures

“Being a partner with GRIT enables me to accomplish some of the things that I’ve only been able to talk about before.”

Lieutenant Pete Wolford, Training Officer (Jackson County Correctional Facility)

Assessments This Quarter

Students take the Future Plans Career assessment which identifies their strengths, interests, personality, and work values, and then explore careers that are a fit for them. Each student meets one-on-one with a career coach to discuss their results and potential career paths with the end goal of developing a career plan. Below is a snapshot of schools that completed this process and the number of students who received career guidance in the 2022-23 school year.

PikePike Christian School13
Waverly City329
Western Local44
RossAdena Local114
Chillicothe City98
Zane Trace Local160
VintonVinton County Local159

Feb 22 Event – A Day of Learning

Thanks to everyone who joined us in Chillicothe on February 22nd for our Day of Learning! We had a terrific response and turnout for this event. It is great to get together to share stories and learn about the great work that is going on through many organizations and partnerships!

See the Day of Learning recap page

County Highlights


  • We now have a pilot of 5 individuals incarcerated in the criminal justice system who have begun the GRIT career assessment. This effort is in collaboration with Ohio Means Jobs, Hopewell Health, and Jackson County Correctional Facility.
  • Wellston High School is working on a date to introduce the GRIT career assessment.


  • Eastern High School is jumping aboard the GRIT/Future Plans train in January. Principal Rob Day states he is hopeful about this step and is excited to see what impact it can have on the students.
  • Waverly High School has 2 students selected for work experience to start in the spring of 2023.
  • Pike Christian Academy began assessments and is interested in paid work experience with GRIT for their students.
  • Western High School continues to move its students through the GRIT assessment and coaching.


  • Chillicothe High School completed onboarding and has begun assessments for the freshman class. The students are excited about opportunities and are very enthusiastic about learning what they can do in the workforce.
  • Adena High School’s phlebotomy pilot program began in January. 13 students are being trained on skills to earn a credential needed to work as a phlebotomist.
  • Adena Regional Medical Center collaborated with GRIT in December for a 2nd tour for students.


  • Vinton County Local School District continues with GRIT career coaching for its students.

Student Opportunities

It’s not too late to get your students assessed and to collaborate with GRIT to place your students into paid internships!  Additionally, there are summer programs available, some that will earn college credit – all at no cost to the school or to the student!

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