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The GRIT Project utilizes a career assessment that generates data about the interests, abilities, aptitudes and work values of individuals across the community. Working with both high school students AND adults, each participant begins with a career assessment and then a 1 on 1 coaching session with a career specialist. Through these conversations, a plan is developed to enroll in work skills training, if needed, and then to identify jobs, either in-person or work-from-home. The process guides the individual on a journey to uncovering financial independence through jobs.

As a company or organization employing people in the community, you may desire a method for identifying qualified candidates that are best aligned for the work. The GRIT Project seeks companies and organizations committed to building the future workforce through developing local talent.

As a GRIT Partner Company, you agree to:

  • Provide a living wage
  • Provide career pathway opportunities to support the individual in achieving their best life
  • Collaborate with individuals and local agencies on barrier removal such as transportation and childcare

In return, the GRIT Project will utilize the career data to identify potential candidates and collaborate with you, the hiring organization, to develop programs to connect with the local workforce.

Become a Partner Company

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