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How can I overcome my life barriers to find a career path?

Finding your future path can be overwhelming, intimidating, and stressful. The motivation and the jump
start in energy for making a change are typically sparked by one of these life events:

  • Job loss
  • Frustration with your current job
  • College wasn’t right for you
  • Virtual learning left you feeling demotivated
  • Need a career or a job in the post COVID-19 world
  • You are a parent and want your adult child off your couch

So, you’ve experienced the initial spark to make a change, but now what? There are so many barriers to
success. How can you possibly overcome life obstacles?

The GRIT process starts with a career assessment. This assessment identifies your strengths and how it matches to current in-demand careers. You then meet (virtually) with an experienced career coach. The career coach will guide you through career discovery and connect you with resources that can help you overcome the barriers.

Here are some of the most common barriers we see:

  • Fear of the unknown and uncertainty of future career options
  • Negative self-talk about your capabilities, future opportunities, and/or ability to succeed
  • Unwilling/unable to identify a career goal or action plan
  • Physical limitations that do not enable you to pursue in areas in which are of interest
  • Lack of confidence in you/yourself and you/your ability to be successful in achieving career goals
  • No flexibility to revise your plan in the face of obstacles, setbacks, new information, or mistakes
  • Logistical issues or factors that keep you from accessing needed resources (e.g., no car, inaccessibility to public transportation, etc.)
  • Lack of access to financial resources needed to pursue your plan
  • Low stress tolerance and being unable to cope with the pressure and anxiety of the career planning process
  • Lacking support system from family, friends, or others to provide ongoing guidance, focus, and encouragement