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May 2023 Update – Jackson, Pike, Ross, and Vinton

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Stats & Figures

“I’m sure over the next three or four or five years there will be lots, lots more success stories because of GRIT and this renewed focus on redemption.”

Brock Brewster, Western Local School District, Pike County, Ohio.

Assessments This School Year

Students take the Future Plans Career assessment which identifies their strengths, interests, personality, and work values, and then explore careers that are a fit for them. Each student meets one-on-one with a career coach to discuss their results and potential career paths with the end goal of developing a career plan. Below is a snapshot of schools that completed this process and the number of students who received career guidance in the 2022-23 school year.

PikeEastern Local293
Pike Christian School13
Waverly City476
Western Local106
RossAdena Local266
Chillicothe City98
Zane Trace Local162
VintonVinton County Local249

County Highlights

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  • The adult special populations workforce pilot continues to progress and grow, assisting those in recovery and/or incarceration prepare for re-entry into the workforce.
  • The first Jackson County Correctional Facility GRIT participant, Richard Shotts, recently earned his G.E.D. This pilot is a collaborative effort with Jeanette Langford representing re-entry, Pete Wolford from JCCF and Amanda Davis from Hopewell Health.


  • Western Senior students that completed the assessment received their GRIT shirts and several are registered for Summer Programs.
  • Waverly High school students participated in a career fair on May 17 and the senior class also received their GRIT shirts.
  • Pike Christian Academy onboarded with us this year and what started as a couple students assessing, turned into the entire high school participating. The senior class received their shirts.
  • Special Populations: With the support of John Vigil and Amber Chandler, there are several students that will be participating in any upcoming SP summer programs.


  • Zane Trace continues to be actively engaged and have several students enrolled in summer programs. Shirts were delivered here as well.
  • Adena High School students participating in the pilot phlebotomy program completed and tested; so far, 3 students have passed the credentials testing. The students here were excited to get their GRIT shirts as well.
  • Chillicothe High School’s participation with assessments continue to expand. The senior class completed the career assessment and received GRIT shirts.


  • Most of the senior class has completed the assessment and coaching process. Students will receive their shirts and are also preparing for a mini-career/employer meet and greet.

Student Opportunities

Now is the time to contact us to get your students assessed and to collaborate with GRIT to place your students into paid internships!  We can also share details of our summer programs, some that will earn college credit – all at no cost to the school or to the student!

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