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Work-from-Home Office Requirements

Many work-from-home positions are full-time requiring a set schedule and 40-hours a week. Below are guidelines that most employers follow for a home office environment. If you live in an area where high-speed internet is not available, remote job centers are available as an alternative office. (If needed, please contact us for help in identifying a remote job center.)

Home Office Must-Have’s

  • Designated workspace free from noise and other distractions
  • Remote office internet connection via DSL or Cable Modem with minimum speed of 10mbps down and 1mbps u
  • Computer that is provided to you must be physically connected to the router or modem by a cable (no wireless connection)
  • Any provided hardware you receive needs to be connected to a surge protector   
  • High-speed internet access at the employee’s expense unless otherwise required by law