Career Process

Wondering what careers will exist post-COVID?

Not sure where to look for a job?

Not making enough money to pay the bills?

GRIT stands for Growing Rural Independence Together. We believe that together we can lift each other up and create a strong and healthy community by connecting individuals with living-wage employment. Through the GRIT resources, we can help you find a path forward, make a career transition or update your skills for an in-demand job. As a collective group of schools, nonprofit agencies, treatment facilities, courts, OhioMeansJobs and volunteers, we are working to find you the skills needed to secure employment in your community.

How it works

  1. Complete this form and request an appointment

  1. Take a assessment

The assessment is a comprehensive tool that measures your interests, aptitudes and work values which tie directly to in-demand, financially stable career paths. The technology behind is a complex algorithm based on a decade of research focused on behavior modeling, predictive data matching and pedagogical trends.

  1. Review your assessment results with a career coach

Your assessment results will be processed through a sophisticated system to recommend career pathways. Your coach can help you understand the results and to explore in-demand careers and the steps to achieve it

  1. Select a career path and discuss the training needed to get started

For Adams, Brown, Highland, Pike and Scioto counties, many funding sources exist to pay for the training needed through Ohio Means Jobs. Your career coach will recommend the right option for you.

  1. Complete the training at a virtual career center

The GRIT project provides physical locations to access computers and high-speed internet so you can successfully complete the training. Other support services such as transportation and childcare may also be available depending on your location.

  1. Work with a career coach to find employment

The goal of the GRIT project is to bring work (either virtual or in person) to Adams, Brown, Highland, Pike and Scioto counties so you can have a meaningful career in your local community. Our team partners with employers to find opportunities for you.

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